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Shenzhen Chanson Precision Mold Co.,Ltd. 2018 Annual Conference

Data:2018/9/11 17:42:53 Visits: Return

Seiko Fine Casting Wins the Future

        With the pace of 2018, Chanson has successfully held the 2018 Annual Conference.

        The theme of this conference is "Seiko Fine Casting Wins the Future", which also shows that Chanson always adheres to the development concept of "Seiko Fine Casting, Quality Wins the Future", devotes itself to the manufacturing of precision die parts, and strives to provide customers with one-stop precision die solutions. Precision mold products show our strong strength, the real test data confirm our down-to-earth. Machines are condensing our efforts, and growing teams are witnessing our growth.

        This road can not be separated from the understanding and sharing of all staff, and the cross-sea shows the heroic nature. Crossing difficulties proves that we are an excellent team with one heart and one mind, capable of fighting well. A rich reunion dinner, let us more cordial.



        A song, but also let the whole Party lively extraordinary.


        The lottery is the most important part of the annual meeting, but it's a big red envelope!


        Meet in this big warm family, we have a happy time together, and this annual meeting, let our hearts condense like family. In the new year, we will continue to maintain the empty cup mentality, reload to battle, shoulder the mission of "Seiko Fine Casting, Quality Wins the Future", I believe that under the leadership of General Li, Chanson will be better and better!