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Joining Changsheng Xunxing 

in Yada, we adhere to the management policy of target management, planned operation and performance evaluation, objectively evaluate the performance of employees, and directly link salary with the contribution of employees to the company. At the same time, we ensure that the salary and benefits provided are competitive in the market. Get a good return. We provide staff with systematic and formal training, comfortable working environment, and welcome new graduates to join, tailor-made personal development plan for employees, to maximize the realization of employee self-worth.
looks for suitable job opportunities in the following list and sends your resume to:

1, Recruitment position:
1, Die Design Engineer: 2 can independently complete the whole set of mold design (from the analysis of products - material order - out of bulk drawings) familiar with UG4.0 genuine English software, Office and soli The basic operation of D work; the variety of product designs that are contacted.
2, CNC master