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Enterprise introduction

Shenzhen Chanson Precision Mold Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2012. Specializing in precision multi cavity plastic injection mold for medical devices customer, LSR mold making is also one of our key capability.

Equip with Swiss machine like Mikron, Agie Charmiles WEDM cutting, Agie Charmiles EDM and precision measurement instruments CMM from Haxagon, tool microscope from Switzerland.

24-hour constant temperature workshop, to provide most suitable environment for high-precision machining.


Factory introduction

Area covered

2,000 Square meter

Professional equipment

75 sets of production equipment.

Imported from Germany, Japan and Switzerland.


Precision testing equipment 10

Service in precision mold manufacturing and injection molding.


We are committed to becoming your most outstanding partner.

Engineering team

There are 15 engineering teams.

Authentication system

ISO9001 International

Quality certification system.


Annual turnover 50 million

And grow rapidly year by year.